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CREDITNTELL.COM PRODUCTS's primary goal is to deliver to today's busy credit executive the key intelligence he or she needs to make a highly informed credit decision without sifting through volumes of non-essential data. In that capacity, our seasoned management and analyst team is second to none. We offer real-time, expert analysis of public and private companies within the following industries:
CRYSTAL SERVICE...Bringing The Future Into Focus
With retail feeling the brunt of today's negative macroeconomic trends, it is critical that we understand the future outlook of the retailers to whom you are extending credit. To this end, we have carefully constructed a new "forward looking" product that provides clarity into the 12-month liquidity outlook and competitive position of certain high-interest retailers. The purpose of this new product is to provide you with ample lead time to adjust your exposure accordingly.

A hosted conference call to discuss the operations, liquidity and overall credit profile of certain high-profile retailers. The call is both auditory & visual. A web address and phone number is emailed to each participant so that they can follow the slide show on the web, and also listen to the call on the phone. Questions and discussions are encouraged throughout the call.

Our Credit Ratings Change Alert not only notifies our subscribers of a change in credit worthiness, but more importantly provides the analysis of what criteria improved and/or deteriorated prompting the change.

Our Industry Credit Scoring Report graphs each member of the industry by their respective credit score from healthiest to riskiest. Additionally, our analysts will discuss the changes that have taken place since the report was last published.

The Executive Review is a peer benchmarking and trend summary along with detailed analyses supporting how well a business measures up against its peers in critical operational performance metrics, such as sales per square foot, free cash flow, credit availability, inventory turns, interest coverage and several other key criteria. In addition to our detailed peer and benchmark analysis, the report/web conference includes three Spotlight Accounts, which our analysts delve deeper into each retailer to discuss/analyze the key points impacting each of them.

CRYSTAL INSIGHTS's bullet point report, informally highlights the key factors affecting the retailer's short and long term financial health. At your fingertips are always an updated list of the real issues that must be addressed.

The Credit Facility Database provides extensive information of each credit facility including: Interest Rate, Current Availability (updated quarterly), Borrowing Base and Security, etc., as well as: Which banks are lending to these trouble Companies?

From a vendor's perspective, private company information is far more valuable than public company information, not because the risk is any different, but instead because of the lack of information available on these private companies. With this in mind, has created a private company monitoring service.


In-depth analysis of troubled companies. The focus of these analyses are to pin-point the critical issues that could have an immediate impact on the Company's ability to operate.

TRADE GROUP PRESENTATIONS frequently conducts presentations on specific retailers for trade groups and Crystal Service Subscribers. Due to the high level of interest, we are now archiving these presentations on our website.


Retailer consolidation has been the rule rather than the exception for several years. In addition, operators in all segments have found that they cannot be "all things to all consumers", leading to go~to~market strategies of diverse banners & formats to appeal to multiple demographics under one corporate umbrella. With new banners and post~acquisition maintenance of old names to retain brand equity, it is sometimes difficult to know exactly where financial liability resides. With this in mind, has created a web~based, searchable database exclusively for CRYSTAL SERVICE Subscribers, which enables the user to simply and effectively identify corporate and trade style affiliations.
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